Diane McDougall

Editorial Director

Loves dogs, dancing, neighbors and spicy Thai food. Tries to find a way to combine it all whenever possible.

Give Diane a passage of long, rambling text and she’ll whip it into a tight, engaging story. Or make her smile with a grammar joke. She's a self-confessed editor by personality as well as by trade ("editing" dead leaves off plants around the office on a regular basis)—and the only Journey team member to carry around her water in a wine glass. Now, that's class.


As our name implies, Journey Group embarks with our clients on a voyage toward the clear communication of vital truths.

Destinations vary, but our essential commitments do not.

We seek to influence a skeptical world, to inform a questioning world, to invigorate an apathetic world.

We seek to do the best work in the world for the best reason in the world—a journey that does not end.