Adam Crigger

Web Developer

Runs 20 miles a week, so good luck catching up with him

Adam began his career as an illustrator for an educational start-up, so he brings a keen interest in design to his work as a developer. With his focus on precision and presentation, Adam has a demonstrated ability to refine details and bring beautiful websites to life. He loves the fast-moving nature of coding and helping clients make web dreams a reality. You can find him around town, hanging out with his pup, Dempsey, making his own pizza dough, and enjoying fine ice creams.


As our name implies, Journey Group embarks with our clients on a voyage toward the clear communication of vital truths.

Destinations vary, but our essential commitments do not.

We seek to influence a skeptical world, to inform a questioning world, to invigorate an apathetic world.

We seek to do the best work in the world for the best reason in the world—a journey that does not end.