Christa Dickerson

Account Executive

Dances with her kids—and into our hearts with her caramel French toast

Christa reinforces daily what we sometimes forget to be true: Structure is vital (not stifling) to creative work. Her background in finance, plus 14 years in sales and marketing for the construction industry, was perfect cross-training for leading our studio managers to deliver work that’s on time, on budget and right on. And she does it at a chipper velocity that leaves us all amazed.


As our name implies, Journey Group embarks with our clients on a voyage toward the clear communication of vital truths.

Destinations vary, but our essential commitments do not.

We seek to influence a skeptical world, to inform a questioning world, to invigorate an apathetic world.

We seek to do the best work in the world for the best reason in the world—a journey that does not end.