Jon Thompson

Accounts Director

Coordinates full-blown hootenannies in the office when he’s not corralling his four adorable kids

Jon is a master at translating big conference-room ideas into actionable communication strategies. Building on a background in music-entertainment marketing (for the record, he can sing and sorta breakdance), he’s become a trusted voice with every brand we serve. Jon's work is always, always, about people first. Encounter his warm hospitality, and you’ll know exactly what we mean.


As our name implies, Journey Group embarks with our clients on a voyage toward the clear communication of vital truths.

Destinations vary, but our essential commitments do not.

We seek to influence a skeptical world, to inform a questioning world, to invigorate an apathetic world.

We seek to do the best work in the world for the best reason in the world—a journey that does not end.